Why subcontracting makes the most sense

In many situations, subcontracting is the smartest solution. Hiring a construction subcontractor in the Shreveport, Louisiana area is...

Cost-effective: Avoid the expense of hiring and training temp workers.
Easy: Free yourself from having to deal with employee taxes and benefits.
Fast: When you hire an experienced subcontractor, you won't need to train them.

As flooring subcontractors, we specialize in epoxy, artcrete, stained concrete, stamped concrete, slip-resistant decking, tile and wood flooring options.

Types of flooring we install

Struggling to find the right flooring for your commercial or residential property? If you need assistance, the pros at Total Solutions are prepared to help. Some of the most popular flooring types we install in Shreveport, LA include:

  • Epoxy flooring-an affordable flooring option for your garage or warehouse that's incredibly durable and simple to maintain.
  • Artcrete flooring-a decorative concrete flooring option that will stand out in your basement or on your patio.
  • Stained concrete-a colorful concrete option designed to make your feature pop.
  • Slip-resistant decking-a unique decking option that's commonly used near pools or in areas with frequent rainfall.
  • Tile flooring-a gorgeous flooring option that can enhance the style of any room for years to come.
  • Wood flooring-one of the most popular flooring options in the nation. Wood flooring can add a touch of elegance to any room in your home or office.
  • Stamped concrete-a specialized process that allows us to create a custom look for your concrete features.
Want to highlight the landscaping features in your yard? We also offer curb design and installation services.

For a free estimate on epoxy flooring installation, contact Total Solutions today.